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WoolworthsReunited.com supports Kids First Trust

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For almost ten years Woolworths colleagues gave time, energy, commitment and cash to 'Kids First' - a charity that reflected the spirit of Woolies. They raised millions.

Kids First Trust carries on that proud tradition. We're proud to support them and hope you will too. Please visit their website, or simply donate on-line. Thank you!

Kids First Trust's great
playground partnerships
project has already inspired
children and schools up and
down the country, and with
your support, hopes to help
many more.

Dr Ute Navidi, the Chief Executive of London Play states "London Play is pleased to lend our support to Kids First Trust, successor to Woolworths Kids First, the children's charity associated with the former Woolworths plc to secure funding for its Playground Partnerships scheme."

   A great way to support Kids First Trust.

1. Buy a tube of Smarties and gobble them up  

2. Put the 'hexatube' container by your bedside 

3. Each night pop in any 20p coins you have    

4. When the tube is full, count the 20p coins    

5. Donate the proceeds via Virgin Money       

6. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

It's rumoured that yummy Smarties bought     
for this exercise are totally calorie-free!          

Saluting heroes

Five colleagues ran the London
Marathon for Kids First Trust,
raising a spectacular £5000
between them for the charity

Congratulations to Jon Edwards,
John Finden, Karl Baker, Andrew
Plume and Una Bresnahan for
a fantastic achievement. John F.
was the fastest at 4h 41m.