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Microscope (from Woolies, of course)

What's in the database

Our interactive database contains some of the information that members give when they register, including their name, the store or office that they worked at, their job role and an optional short message to other members. Members' email addresses and contact numbers are not shown on-line.

A detail sander toy (from Woolies of course)

Searching for a colleague

Searching for a colleague is easy using our special interactive tool. You can type a Store Number, Store Name or Colleague Name (First Name and Last Name normally work best), and will be shown a list of members who match the details you enter. The information now includes a membership number, which will help us to forward any messages to the right person. Member data up to 1800 on 210110 is on-line.

Q. Do you sell jigsaws? A. Power tools or kids toys?

Our simple rules

The interactive service is intended for members only. We will not send bulk emails or anything that may be offensive to the recipient.  Employment Agencies and Media Organisations are invited to contact us if you believe you have a bona-fide reason to use the service. To send and receive messages you must register with a valid store number or other Woolies location.

You know the drill!

Sending a message

If you would like to get in touch with a member we are happy to forward a short message, inviting the member to make contact with you direct, giving them the choice of whether to share their email address. To do this send an email, with the name, store and membership number of the member you are trying to contact and email it to: postman@woolworthsreunited.com

Our most powerful computer at WoolworthsReunited.com

Please note that messages are forwarded at our discretion.

By accessing the service you acknowledge that
you accept our rules, as set out on this page.