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Frequently Asked Questions

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Press for answers - frequently asked questions from WoolworthsReunited.com
Q & A from WRU

Cash for questions?

1. Is WoolworthsReunited funded by Deloitte LLP?

No. It is funded and run independently by an ex-colleague.


2. Is WoolworthsReunited run by Shop Direct?

No, Shop Direct Group is the new owner of the Woolworths brand. We wish them every success with their new venture but are not connected with them in any way.

Free, gratis and for nothing. It pays to advertise on WoolworthsReunited and it doesn't cost a dime
3. Do advertisers pay to appear on the site (especially for features)?

No, we have not levied any charges. We feature the products, suppliers and services we like - simple as that.


4. Can I update my registration information?

Yes, simply send details of your current membership number (which you can find in the members area) and proposed changes to Paul.Seaton@woolworthsreunited.com. We'll do our best to make the changes within 24 hours.

5. Can I unregister?

Yes - simply send your membership number to unregister@woolworthsreunited.com and we will delete your details. Please note that you don't have to unregister when you find a job. We hope you will stay a member so that old friends and colleagues can keep in touch with you.

Our ISP, 1&1, maintains our database in a secure area. They are Britain's biggest, and many say they're also the best.


6. Do you share my details with anyone?

We do our best to keep private details private. We publish your name, location, job role and any comments on-line, but do not show your email address, telephone number or any message of a private nature, or which we believe might get you into hot water.

We can normally pull a rabbit out of the hat with a sprinkle of digital magic, and will do all we can to help you to get a feature on-line that you're proud to show your boss.  WoolworthsReunited.

7. How can I advertise on the site?

Email a paragraph or two about your company, the job and how to apply, along with a logo (or a website with this information) and we will normally prepare a draft for your approval quickly. Send your request to the site publisher Paul.Seaton@woolworthsreunited.com. Please note that we do not normally promote 'paid for services' of any type. Advertising on WoolworthsReunited is free for advertisers and colleagues.

Kids First Trust, changing children's lives for good

8. Is Kids First still going? How do I contact them?

Kids First is now Kids First Trust and has survived. They need your help to keep up the good work. Find out more online. You can also make a donation through Virgin Money here.


'All lines to AON are engaged' - how Woolworths Group Pension Scheme members claim their pensions.

9. I retired before the collapse? Can I join?

Yes, you'll be very welcome. Apologies that we may send you job offers, but then with the state of the economy you may need them before long!

The WoolworthsReunited postman (about forty years ago)

10. Can I send a message even though I wasn't an employee?

Depends. Send your message and request to the postman and we'll judge each case on its merits. We won't send unsolicited mail to members unless it relates to a genuine job, but we will happily work with agencies and other organisations to find win-win situations for our members. Write to the postman and anything is possible. Postman@woolworthsreunited.com

11. Can I join if I worked for EUK, Bertrams, 2|Entertain, WW Group, or was a Contractor?

Yes, you're specially welcome.

Two world class businesses and the quandary that is Woolworths - back a bit, back a bit -oops.