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Job Hunting Tips and Useful Information

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Anthony Houghton, Director of Retail

Download a copy of the comprehensive guide to job-hunting and putting together a CV. Anthony Houghton and his Retail team put the package together with help from colleagues in HR at Woolies. If you're not having any luck so far, it might be worth using the tips for a double-check. Lots of people have given good feedback about the pack.

Download as an Adobe PDF.      Click the button for a free copy of Adobe Reader:Click here to download a free copy of Adobe Reader

USDAW, the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers, has done a lot to support Woolies colleagues. They've arranged free financial and other advice for anyone who needs it, working in partnership with Uniec Financial Solutions. Find out more.
USDAW logo (The Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers) who have done a lot to support Woolworths colleagues at a difficult time
Colleagues have found Kwai Yu an inspirational. More than two thirds of the Woolies people he has helped got the next job they applied for!
Oldham-based Kwai Yu was so shocked by news about Woolies that he volunteered his help for anyone who needs it. Top firms invite Kwai into the Boardroom to help people to deliver their true potential, normally paying more than £500 a head for a day's coaching and inspiration. For Woolies people there's no charge - and no catch. Several big name Managers attended his first workshop, and were impressed. See their feedback and find out more about the planned follow-up event in Swindon.
If you fancy building a CV on-line for free, Iain Lewis (until recently the National Resourcing Manager for Woolies) has found a great website that helps you to produce a very professional document quickly and easily. Why not take a look at http://www.e-cvs.net
Web tip from a WoolworthsReunited.com member
Stephen Hart, the owner of Edenchanges

Stephen Hart, the owner of Edenchanges, who has almost a decade's worth of experience in in the recruitment and headhunting world, has offered two resources to help Woolies colleagues free-of-charge. He was introduced to WoolworthsReunited by former Woolies Supply Director Phil Streatfield.


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