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The last Woolworths to open - at Bitterne, Southampton, just days before the chain collapsed into Administration

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Deloitte's way of saying a less than fond farewell
Counting the cost

Did you lose your job when Woolworths collapsed?

BBC Television is looking for stories from people made redundant when Woolies went into Administration to feature in a proposed documentary looking at how ex-staff have fared during the recession.

They would like to hear from anyone who worked for the chain who has an interesting story to tell. Whether you were a full or part-time Sales Assistant or Store Manager, worked in a DC or the Supply Chain, or were part of one of the support teams like HR or Finance in London or Castleton, or even a Director, your experiences will help build the picture. With your help the BBC plans to explore the effects of the recession - both positive and negative - through the eyes of group of ex-Woolies people, drawn from right across the UK.


BBC News and Current Affairs has taken an active interest in what happened to Woolworths workers since the company collapsed

Assistant Producer Eamonn Walsh says "At this stage we’re not looking to commit anyone to be filmed. I'd love to receive a few lines by email detailing your Woolworths’ history, what happened to you in the immediate aftermath of the collapse and what has happened since – for good or bad. Please include a phone number and say when would be a good time to have a chat. All information will of course be treated in the strictest confidence. So if you have an interesting story to tell about your 'life after Woolies' journey please drop me a line, with ‘Woolworths’ in the subject line."


Previous coverage on BBC One Panorama

The BBC's flagship Panorama programme followed a group of colleagues, including Mark Regan, in the aftermath of the collapse of Woolworths. Their coverage also included a feature about our work at WoolworthsReunited.com. It remains on-line to view.

Too Small for a Big Society

The fight for justice for staff from Woolworths' smaller stores, who were excluded from the Protective Award because they had less than twenty employees, is featured at 2small.co.uk. USDAW has won the first stage of their campaign winning the right to present a full appeal in February 2013, and has also secured payment for those 'support' staff who were dismissed in the early part of the Administration before 27 December 2008.